Use your fire!

As neurodiverse and outside the box thinkers, we often diminish our own brilliance for fear of standing out or appearing "too much." By dulling our shine, we are depriving the world of the skills we have that are so desperately needed today. That is partly why the Embracing Intensity Podcast and Community was born, to celebrate those who are using their fire without getting burned and inspire others to do the same.

Our Story

XPress Your Power! came about as an extension of the Embracing Intensity Podcast to encourage people to not only claim those parts of themselves they have been afraid to claim, but to share it with the world through powerful words and symbols.

Meet the Team

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Aurora Remember Holtzman

Owner & Creative Director

After years of feeling “too much” (too intense, too sensitive, too emotional, too scattered and too exhausted), Aurora finally realized that intensity, in the form of excitability, is the source of her greatest power. Now instead of beating herself up about not measuring up to her own self-imposed standards, she is on a mission to help outside-the-box thinkers use their fire without getting burned through her Embracing Intensity Podcast, coaching, self-exploration tools, strengths-based psycho-educational assessment and consultation and now designing jewelry to help others express their own power!

Aurora is a school psychologist, educational specialist, coach, writer and podcaster who has combined her knowledge of neurodiversity with her passion for empowering others to use it in a positive way!

You can learn more on her other website


Anne-Louise Lasley

Marketing & Content Developer

Anne-Louise is a mom of two with a background in academic editing as well as working with international students to improve their written and spoken English.

She is passionate about writing, language, health, wellness, Yoga, meditation, travel, and of course a lovely cup of tea!

What is closest to her heart is doing her bit to make the world a more kind and compassionate place for as many as possible. One way she does this is by writing content for people and businesses who are also focused on the same goal of making the world a better place.

Anne-Louise is currently studying marketing and copywriting. She has an opinion regarding the Oxford comma. She prides herself on being quirky with an affable amount of sass!

Embracing Intensity Podcast!

Have you ever felt like you’re “too much?” Too intense? Aurora Remember Holtzman has news: you are not too much. Each week, Aurora will interview a gifted, creative, and outside-the-box thinker and explore how they use their fire without getting burned! Listen to the Embracing Intensity Podcast here!

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